Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weird Adventure Idea Wednesday: Today in color!

It's Weird Adventure Idea Wednesday again with another adventure idea to hopefully spur your imagination!  Man these things just keep happening, and this one happened in color.  This week's adventure idea requires a perilous crossing to a rather curious sounding place.

Adventure Idea:

On a steamy evening you run across a raving swordsman on a forgotten trail.  The swordsman loudly declares to you that 2 weeks travel to the north, across the Gorge of the Eyeless Serpents, was built the Throbbing Sepulcher of Mysteries.  It is whispered that there can be found the Harrowing Steel Arrows of Blinding.  But beware, for the swordsman cautions you that it is reputed the Revolting Colossus of Darkness haunts that place!

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