Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Star Wars Cantina Fight!

After a two week hiatus due to illness and out of town visitors, we returned tonight to a galaxy far, far away.  The party, fresh off their victory over the Tusken Raiders managed to capture a Bantha and use it to tow the repulsor rickshaw back to Hobo the Hutt's palace outside of Mos Gamos.  Once at the palace, they learned that Meffyx Thar, Hobo's majordomo, who has slipped away during the fight with the Tuskens was in fact helping the Black Suns to move in on Hobo's territory.  Hobo dispatched the party to track Meffyx Thar down and end his miserable life.  The party tracked the errant majordomo to a seedy cantina in one of the roughest parts of Mos Gamos.  Here we see the party as they put their plan for rooting out Meefyx into action:
The cantina just before the fight broke out
Chaph Losac went in through the front door to scout around, while N.O.R.M-4N kept watch over the Kitchen entrance.  After Chaph deiscovered a guarded side room, we called Sair Nartano in throug the kitch to surprise the guard.  Shots were fired and Kelsera came in through the dancer's entrance, while N.O.R.M-4N came in through the kitchen and avoided the wookie cooks who were distracted while dealing with a grease fire.  Sair tricked the pilot into opening the side room door with some splendid mimickry, and he and Chaph shot the two people with Meffyx.  Meffyx threw a stun grenade disguised to look like a thermite grenade and in the confusion fled the bar, only to be gunned down by Kelsera with her Tusken slugthrower.