Saturday, March 19, 2016

Iron Kingdoms Board Game Kickstarter: Less than 5 hours to go!

Privateer Press's Kickstarter for their second Iron Kingdoms Widower's Wood board game has less than 5 hours to go.  It's fully funded, and while it's a little pricey, the 107 miniatures that come with it make it really tempting!

Conan RPG Kickstarter: Final 24 hours

The Conan RPG Kickstarter is in it's final 24 hours and has pass the half million dollar mark (~305,000 GBP).  If you've been on the fence,time is running out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weird Adventure Idea Wednesday

This week's weird adventure idea:

On a hazy afternoon you have a chance meeting with an evil-smelling laborer in a bustling inn.  The laborer discloses to you that 5 weeks journey to the northeast, atop The Sullied Precipices of Witchcraft stands The Whispering Mansion of the Ruinous Knight.  It is believed that there lay The Frigid Steel Stabbing Sword of the Bloodcurdling Priest.  But beware, for the laborer advises you that The Vengeful Plant Man of the Damned lurks there!

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Table of Magical Eye Replacements (Free PDF)

Here is a d100 table for magical eye replacements.  It might be good for those times when your players lose an eye and that cut-rate sorcerer they asked to fix it gives them a bit more than they bargained for.  There is nothing system specific here as the eyes don't have details beyond their colorful names, but I think that the names are descriptive enough to inspire creativity.  Enjoy!