Saturday, February 28, 2015

1,001 More Weird and Wacky Adventure Ideas

It has finally arrived!  After over a month of development and editing, the next version in my series of Weird and Wacky Adventure Ideas is finally out.  Some of the improvements that you'll see in this new edition are more illustrations, new places and items, better variability in the descriptions, and the addition of guardians to protect all of those mysterious "treasures" that are hidden about.  Also, at the end of the book, I have added three new d100 tables to allow for quick generation  of Insane items, Dwellings of Doom, and places of Peril for those times when you don't need an entire adventure idea.  As a bit of time went into actually reviewing each of the adventure ideas and making edits to make them either more wacky, or more consistent, I toyed with the idea of trying to sell it for $0.50, but in the end, I decided to release it for free. (Donations of course are always accepted, but not expected).

The PDF version can be downloaded from here.
The ePub version can be downloaded from here.

I hope that people find as much enjoyment from reading and using this as I had creating it.  Happy Adventuring!

I have been asked about making donations, so I'm including the following links.  As I've said, while donations are greatly appreciated, they are absolutely not expected, but should you feel the desire to send a few coins my way, they can be sent to:

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Also, don't forget to check back at this blog every Wednesday for a new adventure idea on Weird Adventure Wednesday. :-)
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