Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weird Adventure Idea Wednesday

This week's weird adventure idea:

On a brisk evening you come upon a scarred gladiator near an ancient shrine.  The gladiator recounts to you a tale to you that 25 days journey to the west, beyond The Foreboding Dunes of the Gods can be found The Sanctified Cavern of Blood.  It is reputed that there is hidden The Agate Visor of Purity.  But beware, for the gladiator alerts you that it is said The Dire Mind Wrecker of Fetishes tortures all who go there!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

DCC Magic Item:The Mutilating Battleaxe of the Frog

This oddly shaped battleaxe was created by the ancient frog god Umha as a reward for one of his most powerful frogman champions.  The axe is forged from a strange greenish metal which is lighter than steel and is resistant to all corrosive forces.  The axe imparts supernatural jumping abilities on the wielder, allowing them to leap a distance equal to their normal movement (30' for humans and Elves, 20' for dwarves and halflings).  In combat the axe acts as a +2 magical weapon doing 1d10+2 damage.  If the wielder scores a critical hit with the axe, the critical hit is rolled normally, but there is a chance that the axe will inflict additional mutilation to the victim.  Roll on the Additional Mutilation Table below:

Additional Mutilation Table:

d% roll    Effect
1-40         None
41-45       Right Hand Severed
46-50       Left Hand Severed
51-55       Right Foot Severed
56-60       Left Foot Severed
61-65       Right Leg Severed
66-70       Left Leg Severed
71-75       Right Arm Severed
76-80       Left Arm Severed
81-85       Right Ear Severed
86-90       Left Ear Severed
91-95       Nose Cut Off
96-00       Genitals Severed (if applicable) otherwise treat as None

As with many magic items created by the ancient gods, this one comes with a price.  Each time the axe inflicts an additional mutilation (any effect other than None), there is a chance the the frog god Umha will notice the wielder of the axe and grant him or her a "blessing".  Roll on the Blessings of Umha Table below:

Blessings of Umha Table:

d% roll    Effect*
1-95         Umha does not notice.  No effect
96            Wielder's legs are transformed into the rear legs of a frog
97            Wielder's left arm is transformed into the forearm of a frog
98            Wielder's right arm is transformed into the forearm of a frog
99            Wielder's body is transformed into the body of a frog
00            Wielder's head is transformed into the head of a frog (normal speech not possible)

* All transformations are proportional in size to the victim's original size.