Saturday, December 12, 2015

Karl Edward Wagner would have been 70

Karl Edward Wagner, fantasy/horror writer, psychiatrist, and hard drinker would have been 70 years old on December 12th.  I first discovered Wagner in a book shop in florida in 1984, when I picked up a paperback copy of Darkness Weaves.  Attracted by the Frank Frazetta cover, there was no way I could resist.  Darker and grimmer than Howard's Conan, Kane was an antihero in the vein of Moorcock's Elric.  No noble savage, Kane was a Machiavellian swordsman, who also dabbled in sorcery to further his frequent goals of world conquest.  I was hooked, and quickly sought out the rest of Wagner's Kane stories.  The novels are a bit of a mixed bag, but I think it's in the short stories where Wagner's writing really shined.  Sadly, Wagner died at 48.  I should very much liked to see where his writing would have gone.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Fish Slide Chamber

Back in the early spring of this year, I ran a Dungeon Crawl Classics funnel adventure of my own design.  The crux of the adventure was a treasure hunt in the tower of a long dead wizard.  The tower was on a small island just offshore, and a motley collection of candle makers, cobblers, and gong farmers braved its mysterious depths.  One of my favorite rooms was the fish slide chamber, which I've tried to represent here with only a modest level of success.  I'll leave it up to your imagination where the slides lead...

Gl├╝ckliche Sankt Nikolaus Tag!

Happy Saint Nicholas Day.  Here's hoping that everyone finds their shoes filled with candy and that Knecht Ruprecht doesn't come for you instead!