Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weird Adventure Idea Wednesday

Weird Adventure Idea Wednesday is back! 

On a overcast morning you have a chance meeting with an evil-smelling drifter along the road.  The drifter tells you an interesting tale that 16 days journey to the northeast, on the shores of the Flesh Eating Lake, stands the Rotting Monastery of a Thousand Doors.  It is told that there is hidden the Ceramic Stiletto of the Ill-Fated Juggler.  But beware, for the drifter warns you that it is whispered the Mad Cleric of Darkness tortures all who go there!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Miniatures Monday Returns!

On the road to recovery, I managed to finish and photograph a miniature on Sunday.  Here we are a fellow who looks like a Roman Legionnaire making his way through what might be the gloomy forest of  northern Europe, possibly with some Germanic tribesman hot on his heels.  Then again, perhaps he is a Roman spy investigating the situation east of the Rhine, or hunting for Celts in Roman Britannia.  With so many possibilities, what do you think his story is?
Front View
Back View