Friday, March 2, 2018

Well, this may help me in my ongoing efforts to avoid further lead poisoning. :-)

Mirliton miniatures is doing a Kickstarter to reproduce some of the Grenadier classic gold box miniatures!  Yes, that is a look of surprise! ;-)

I finally gave Roll20 a try in an actual game last night...

I have to admit, Roll20 was really a good experience.  It won't replace actually getting around a table to play, but it felt much closer to actually being there than I expected it to.  I think using the 3d dice really helped a lot, and I loved being able to play ambient cave sounds from the jukebox.  The ability to draw on the maps is very helpful as well.   Sadly, Ranus the warrior and Fellipe the Mouse met their ends quite quickly to a trio of cannibalistic Thung.  Fortunately their sons Ranus jr. and Fellipe jr. fared much better and even managed to avenge the deaths of their fathers.