Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Requiem for the Rail Rat Kid

Well, last night's gaming session saw the demise of Mortimer the ratling, better known as Manchego's sidekick, the Rail Rat Kid. No The RRK was hardly adventurer material, and he was somewhat of a magnet for disaster, having been horribly burned, blown up, nearly downed in sand and finally impaled by a somewhat hormonal, totally psychopathic, and fully cybernetic wench named Mila Mars.  He wasn't particularly effective, but he was earnest and always tried, and damn it he was Manchego's sidekick. Now Manchego's not really the sidekick having type of dude, but somehow he clicked with the RRK. In the end, Manchego hauled his corpse out of the collapsing dome city so that he could at least have a decent burial. He was a member of our party and he will be missed.  So, roll on Rail Rat Kid, and may your afterlife be filled with willing rat ladies.