Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last Night in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Last night we played the second session of our Star Wars Edge of the Empire.  This week, our "heroes" were joined by two new companions.  The party is now as follows:

 Sair Nartano, a young and impulsive human explorer with a fondness for the ladies
N.O.R.M-4N, a droid mechanic an pilot with a strong attachment to the ship
Chaph LoSec, a human assassin of few words
Kelsera, A Twi'lek bodyguard for the infant leader of her clan

Following the events with the thermal grenade at the moisture farm, the group found themselves attacked in the desert by a horde of Tusken Raiders.  They managed to acquit themselves quite well in combat, killing most of the sand people and driving off the rest, but three of the party were wounded in the battle.  Chaph LoSek made a heroic but sadly unsuccessful attempt to dive onto an out of control speeder, but alas, all of the party's transport, except for a repulsor rickshaw were either destroyed or absconded with.  The party now finds themselves facing the unpleasant task of finding their way back to civilization.

In the heat of the battle, Meffyx Thar, majordomo to the Illustrious Hobo the Hutt fled the scene...

I must say the Edge of the Empire dice system goes pretty well with my tendency to make it up as I go. :-)

Monday, June 2, 2014