Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday Wondrous Adventures

I'm kicking off a new weekly thing to go along with Miniatures Monday.  I'm calling it Wednesday Wondrous Adventures, but how wondrous it is remains to be seen.  Each week, I will post a different adventure seed to hopefully spark the imaginations of the the readers of this blog.  I hope that you enjoy them!

On a damp day you meet an elderly Hobo wandering about aimlessly.  The Hobo tells you that 9 days journey to the east, in the Contemptible Mountains of Sorrow, lies the Broken Abbey of Distortion.  It is rumored that there can be found the Enchanted Brass Tome of the Mind Spider

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not sure that it's worth the trip really...

So, years ago, when I was doing a lot of programming, I wrote a random adventure hook creation program.  It came up with some crazy sounding adventures and was really pretty lame, but I loved it.  Sadly somewhere along the way I lost the source code and the input files.  All that I had left was a printout with four "adventures" that it had created.  Well, I finally decided to dust off my very rusty programming skills and write a new version.  The original was written in perl, but this time I decided to try python.  Here is the results of the first run of the new version:

On a humid afternoon you meet a dandyish Bard at an inn.  The Bard tells you that 6 days journey to the south, in the dreaded chasm of impurity, can be found the depraved bridge of defilement.  It is rumored that there is hidden the broken lead short sword of derangement.

I imagine that a lot of adventurers would just say, "Yeah, thanks, but I think we'll pass..."  :-)

Miniatures Monday

This week we have a red cloaked assassin from the Wastelands of Sungor.  Not my best work, but then they can't all be gems I guess. :-)