Saturday, February 10, 2018

Gaslands - Riding the Wastelands: Part 2

Well, progress has been made.  I've stripped the paint from the car, and primed the interior black.  Now comes the hard part, actually deciding how to build the car back up for my first Gaslands car.  Fuel tanks?  Guns?  Spikes?  All of the above?  So many choices...

Monday, February 5, 2018

Miniatures Monday (Riding the Wastelands)

I've begun work on my cars for Gaslands.  Several years ago, I picked up a few Hot Wheels cars intending to muse them in a larger scale game of Car Wars.  Sadly, that never happened, but with the release of Mike Hutchinson's Gaslands from Osprey Wargames, those cars have been given new life!  When I was a young boy, I'd have gotten into a lot of trouble for doing this to my Hot Wheels cars.  Being an adult does have some advantages. ;-)
Right now, the metal car bodies are soaking in paint remover.  I'll post more photos as they progress.