Saturday, September 7, 2013

Never trust NPCs :-)

This Knights of the Dinner Table comic sums it up nicely. :-)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Savage Worlds: Creating a Character (Step by Step)

This week, we will create a character for savage worlds.  So that we can see how the same character looks across game systems, we will once again be creating Korgrym the Unrelenting, barbarian hero extraordinaire.

In Savage worlds, you first begin with the character's race.  Korgrym may be savage, but he is still human, which means that he will start with one free Edge, which we will explain later.

Savage Worlds characters have five attributes:

Agility - How nimble, quick, and dexterous the character is
Smarts - How smart the character is
Spirit  - How much wisdom and willpower the character has
Strength - How physically strong the character is
Vigor - How tough and resistant the character is to disease and harm

Attributes are associated with dice.  the Larger the die, the better the attribute.  Each attribute starts out at a d4 in each attribute and has 5 point with which to raise them.  Each point spent raises the attribute to the next larger die, d4 -> d6 -> d8 -> d10 -> d12.  No attribute may be raised above a d12.

Korgrym is strong, and tough, and quick, but not very bright, so his starting attributes are as follows:

Agility -    d6  for 1 point
Smarts -   d4
Spirit  -     d4
Strength - d8  for 2 points
Vigor -      d8  for 2 points

Now it's time to choose skills.  Each character has 15 points to spend on skills, and each die type costs 1 points, starting with d4 as long as the skill is less than or equal to the attribute that it is linked to.  Korgrym chooses the following skills:

Fight -             d8 for 3 points
Climbing -      d8 for 3 points
Riding -          d6 for 2 points
Stealth -          d6 for 2 points
Intimidation - d6 for 2 points
Swimming -    d6 for 2 points
Survival -        d4 for 1 point

Next, we figure Korgrym's Derived Statistics.

Charisma is 0 unless you have Edges or Hindrances that change it.  We haven't chosen Korgrym's Edges or Hindrances yet, so we'll say that is 0 for now.

Pace is 6" for humans

Parry is 2 plus half of Korgrym's Fighting skill, so it's 6.

Toughness is 2 plus half Korgrym's Vigor plus Armor, so for now it's 6

Now, it's time to chooses Edges and Hindrances.  Edges are special powers/skills that can be purchased by buying flaws or Hindrances.  Each character may take 1 Major Hindrance worth 2 points and 2 Minor Hindrances worth 1 point each.

For 2 points the character can:
   Raise an attribute one die type, or
   Choose an edge

For 1 point the character can:
   Get another skill point, or
   get additional starting money equal to their starting funds (normally $500)

Korgrym decides to get the maximum amount of points possible and takes 1 Major Hindrance, and 2 Minor Hindrances.  For his Major Hindrance, Korgrym takes:

Bloodthirsty - He can never take prisoners, and suffers a -4 Charisma penalty if his bloodthirsty ways are known

For his Minor Hindrances, Korgrym takes:

Illiterate - since he can't read or write
Outsider - to reflect his status as an outland barbarian

In exchange for these Hindrances, Korgrym raises his Spirit by 1 die to a d8 and takes the edge:

Loincloth Hero - which allows him to make a free soak roll against damage whenever he is unarmored.

Korgrym's final abilities are:

Agility -     d8
Smarts -    d4
Spirit  -      d4
Strength -  d8
Vigor -       d8

Charisma    0/-4
Pace            6"
Parry          6
Toughness  6

Fight -             d8
Climbing -      d8
Riding -          d6
Stealth -          d6
Intimidation - d6
Swimming -    d6
Survival -        d4

All that is needed now is to buy some gear and go adventuring.  Here is Korgrym's final character sheet:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Miniatures Monday

I have no idea what this guy is supposed to be, but I'd hate to meet him in a dark alley!