Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Roaring 20's

I am proposing a new campaign set in to 1920's (1925 to be exact). The characters will be based in the fictional Pennsylvania town of Karlsburgh, home to the famed Karlsburgh College. Karlsburgh College offers a wide range of majors including such favourites as Archaeology and Occult Studies. It would help if the characters we associated, at least indirectly, with the university in some manner. This is not intended to be a historically accurate campaign, however major historical events such as the first world war, the discovery of King Tut's tomb, etc. did occur. Some of the more obvious ideas for characters are, college professor, graduate student, newspaper reporter, private detective, archaeologist and pilot.  The college employs a diverse range of skills to assist with it's research projects.  There are currently archaeological digs underway in central and south America, Africa and the near east.  The college has a well known art-history department that in recent years has undertaken an aggressive project to increase their collections.  Members of the Occult Studies department are always wandering off around the globe searching for religious or arcane sites and objects.  The Department of Oceanic and Geographical studies often mount mapping and exploratory expeditions to uncharted areas.  To aid in these expeditions, the university has purchased and refurbished an old freighter and also owns a biplane.  With these resources, it is no wonder that the college has one of the most impressive map collections in the world.  Due to the large number of projects at the college, graduate students are often pressed into service.  A few of the more 'fragile" faculty have been known to employ bodyguards.  I have posted a list of early 20th century guns to Google docs for additional flavour.