Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The magical quest game!  I've always had a soft spot for Talisman.  Sure, it's essentially a simple race game.  Roll dice to move, do what is written on the board or the cards, and be the first one to the end.  Nothing deep, nothing complicated, and it can go kind of long sometimes, but I still find it fun, even though it gets a bad rap as a kids game.  I think the first thing that struck me about Talisman, was the artwork.  Ever since the box cover of second edition, I've loved the artwork.  Just look at that dude fighting the dragon in front of those winding stairs which lead to some mysterious tower, no doubt filled with riches!
I had the poster from the box hanging in my dorm room in college for ages.  

Of course when Fantasy Flight Games released a new version with cooler components, I bought that too.  And what an upgrade it was in terms of production value.  It got the typical Fantasy Flight treatment making it the most impressive looking version yet, IMHO.  The game is pretty much the same, and there are quite a few expansions available for it, all of which add new cards and characters, while some introduce whole new boards to add on to the main one. 

An now I can play Talisman Prologue on my iPad.  Life is good.  Now if only they would make a mobile version of Dungeonquest! :-)

Of course, I still want this..

I should see if anyone wants to play some Talisman this weekend.