Monday, January 23, 2017

Miniatures Monday

Well, Miniatures Monday is a bit later than usual today, but that's because I only just finished this one last night and didn't have time to photograph it.  The miniature is Thrud the Barbarian for those who aren't familiar with Carl Critchlow's work.  This figure came from the Carl Critchlow special set for Zombicide Black Plague.  I really like the sculpt, but am sad that it's plastic rather than metal.  Speaking of metal, long time followers may recall that this isn't the first Thrud minature that I've painted.  Way back when (2012), I did a step by step series on painting one of the old U.K. metal versions.  You can see the result of that endeavor in the final post of that series here.  I think that this one turned out a bit better than the first, but I had a bit of trouble getting the lighting right.  :-)

If you like the miniature, you can get your own from Amazon here.
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