Sunday, January 15, 2017

Kickstarter Review: Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom!

Amazon, Wizard ,and Dark Cleric

Every year, I institute a moratorium on miniatures purchases, and every year something happens to make me buy more miniatures.  In 2016 , the big thing was the Kickstarter for Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom! by +Darcy Perry and Star Hat Miniatures.  I came across this Kickstarter, and one look at the preview sculpts had me hooked.  I have to say that I was not disappointed in the results. Not only did they show up early (November instead of December), but I love the sculpts.

Berserker, Knight, and Barbarian

The first thing that you notice about these miniatures is that they have HEFT in your hand.  They are solid with excellently sculpted bases.  No slotted plastic bases here, or thin metal bases to save on casting material like companies such as Reaper have been doing in recent years.  These guys are meant to stand firmly on your gaming table!

Dwarf Lord, Druid, and Crusader

There is a ton of character in these sculpts with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure.  Just check out the mindflayer janitor.  :-)   In a market filled with miniatures, these are really something special.  The Miniatures are heroic scale at around 35-38mm, so they will stand out from many of your other miniatures, but as they are primarily PC miniatures that's a good thing.  Your PCs should be easily distinguishable from the other miniatures on the table.  They are the heroes after all!  The added bonus is that, being a little bigger, they are easier to paint for old guys like me. :-)

Janitor, Bard, and Alchemist

If I had to single out my favorites from this wonderful collection, I'd have to go with the Wizard and the Barbarian.  The wizard because he reminds me of the most bad-ass Gandalf in down, and the barbarian because he's a barbarian (and he has a mohawk).  I managed to get some of these guys primed before the weather turned too cold here, and I'm really looking forward to starting to paint them.  It's a long weekend here in the U.S. so I may just start today!

Thief, Ranger, and Assassin

I believe that +Darcy Perry  is working on another set for a future Kickstarter, so if you missed out on the first one, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes open for the next one.  Check out Star Hat Miniatures to keep up on the progress.  Also, if you live in New Zealand, I think that some gaming stores are carrying individual figures for sale from this set.

Monk, and Kobold Thuamatologist
Excellent miniatures.  Keep up the good work!  As a postscript, I meant to post this review months ago.

UPDATE: It looks like the new Kickstarter is in a draft state!  I can't wait.  Kroag looks amazing...

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