Sunday, March 20, 2016

DCC Magic Item:The Mutilating Battleaxe of the Frog

This oddly shaped battleaxe was created by the ancient frog god Umha as a reward for one of his most powerful frogman champions.  The axe is forged from a strange greenish metal which is lighter than steel and is resistant to all corrosive forces.  The axe imparts supernatural jumping abilities on the wielder, allowing them to leap a distance equal to their normal movement (30' for humans and Elves, 20' for dwarves and halflings).  In combat the axe acts as a +2 magical weapon doing 1d10+2 damage.  If the wielder scores a critical hit with the axe, the critical hit is rolled normally, but there is a chance that the axe will inflict additional mutilation to the victim.  Roll on the Additional Mutilation Table below:

Additional Mutilation Table:

d% roll    Effect
1-40         None
41-45       Right Hand Severed
46-50       Left Hand Severed
51-55       Right Foot Severed
56-60       Left Foot Severed
61-65       Right Leg Severed
66-70       Left Leg Severed
71-75       Right Arm Severed
76-80       Left Arm Severed
81-85       Right Ear Severed
86-90       Left Ear Severed
91-95       Nose Cut Off
96-00       Genitals Severed (if applicable) otherwise treat as None

As with many magic items created by the ancient gods, this one comes with a price.  Each time the axe inflicts an additional mutilation (any effect other than None), there is a chance the the frog god Umha will notice the wielder of the axe and grant him or her a "blessing".  Roll on the Blessings of Umha Table below:

Blessings of Umha Table:

d% roll    Effect*
1-95         Umha does not notice.  No effect
96            Wielder's legs are transformed into the rear legs of a frog
97            Wielder's left arm is transformed into the forearm of a frog
98            Wielder's right arm is transformed into the forearm of a frog
99            Wielder's body is transformed into the body of a frog
00            Wielder's head is transformed into the head of a frog (normal speech not possible)

* All transformations are proportional in size to the victim's original size.

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