Monday, July 25, 2016

Miniatures Monday: Wayback Machine

My earliest surviving painted miniatures
I post a lot of pictures on this blog of miniatures that I'm pretty happy with.  These are not those miniatures.  I've been painting RPG miniatures for a long time, ever since I brought my first set of Grenadier Action Art miniature home from Children's Palace on a Friday night in 1982.  Back in those days, I used Testor's oil based model paints because that's what I had, and they were murder to work with.  The tiny pots of acrylics that came with the action art sets were just too limiting from a color choice perspective.  What you see before you are the last remnants of my old painting days.  Most every miniature that I did in those early years has been stripped and repainted or just stripped and left to sit, but for some reason I've left these as they were, frozen in time from a bygone age.  They span the period from around 1983 to about 1992, when I graduated from college and stopped painting for nearly 15 years.  I've put them here for anyone who doesn't think that their miniatures are good enough, for anyone who isn't happy with their painting.  Look at these and persevere.  Your painting will improve.  You just have to practice.  Keep at it.  I wish that I hadn't stopped for those 15 years.  These are my reminders to always keep working on my craft.
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