Sunday, February 7, 2016

My first foray into homemade dungeon terrain

     Ever since completing some basement remodeling about five years ago, I've been holding on to a bunch of foamboard insulation scraps.  I've aways intended to use them to make gaming terrain, but as with many things, I wasn't convinced that I'd do a good job, so I didn't bother to try.  Finally, the other day inspiration stuck, and I decided to have a go at it.  These three pieces are the results.  While they would never compete with Dwarven Forge, I'm fairly pleased with how they came out.
     I did the stonework by scoring the foam with an X-ACTO knife, then widened the gaps with a pencil.  I got the texture, but breaking what has always seemed to be a rule when working with foam and used a light coat of Rustoleum spray paint.  The spray paint of course melts the foam, but when used in the right amount, I found that it melts a nice texture on the stone, and it widens the gaps a bit more giving the stones better definition.  Then I coated all of the pieces in back craft paint and dry brushed them with grey.
     I'm happy enough with the result to try some more pieces.  Maybe I'll try a stairway next.

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