Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stranger Things (Spoiler Free!)

So admittedly, I only started watching Stranger Things on Netflix because I had heard that the show opened with a scene of kids playing Dungeons & Dragons.  I intended to watch those first few minutes an be done with it because I'm always fascinated with how television and movies portray gaming sessions.  Well, I watched those first few minutes and then a few minutes more, and then I was hooked.  I ended up watching six of the eight 54 minute episodes yesterday, and I expect that I will watch the last two today.  I need to know how it ends.  The I will probably go back and re-watch it at a less frenzied pace.  I can't talk much about the plot without spoiling it, but it centers around the disappearance of one of the D&D players and the efforts of various people in the town to find him.  The missing boy's gaming buddies make up one of the groups that is searching for him, and it becomes somewhat of a real life D&D adventure for them making the show feel like kind of a cross between the Goonies and several Stephen King novels, particularly Firestarter and IT.  The show is set in Indiana in 1983 and there is a wealth of geekery to be seen beyond the story itself.  Gold boxes of old Grenadier miniatures, an old copy of the board game Dungeon!, the classic Kenner Millennium Falcon.  There are also a lot of great 80s songs in the soundtrack.  I recommend that anyone who has Netflix and enjoys gaming, the Goonies, Stephen King, or the 1980s give this show a look.  So, who else is watching, and what do you think?
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