Saturday, June 25, 2016

Massive Darkness Board Game Kickstarter

Massive Darkness KickStarter

I'm a sucker for miniatures, and I always have been.  I've been buying miniatures since around 1980 and have far more than I will ever be able to paint in the maybe 30 years that I have left.  In recent years, I've even been trying (with little success) to reduce the number of miniatures that I have to by giving some of them away.  Then along comes something like the latest KickStarter from +Cool Mini or Not Inc.  Massive Darkness.  It's a dungeon crawling board game (which I love), and it has a ton of cool looking miniatures (which I also love).  The game is fully cooperative, so unlike Descent, it doesn't require one of the players to act as a game master.  That really hits a sweet spot for me because I've never been that keen on one player versus everyone else type games.  Plus that barbarian miniature looks awesome!  There are several other videos on the page, and the miniature count is already well past 100 with the stretch goals.  There are also several add-on expansions available which add more characters, monsters, and board pieces.  Overall, it's a really cool looking game.  I've got to admit that this one is going to be tough to resist...

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