Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Next Champions Character

My wife often sends me links to lists of unintentionally funny things.  One of the lists that she sent me me the other day was of Chinese knock-off items.  Included among those items was this gem, Pubescent Frog of Silent War.  No doubt from issue of #673 of Craptastic Adventures where Robin got mutated into a Teenage Ninja Turtle / underwear model.  Honestly, this needs to be a comic book.  If I ever play in another superhero RPG, this is going to be my character...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fiction Friday: Shadows of the Silent Sorcerer (Part 4)

Shadows of the Silent Sorcerer
(Part 4)


John R. Lehman

“Silence girl,” he hissed.  
Her eyes were wild with fear, and she tried to bite him, but he only tightened his grip.  Her flesh was warm and the touch of it stirred fire in his loins.
“Be still wench,” he whispered.  “Can you understand me?”
She nodded beneath his grip.
 “I am Kurach and have come to rescue you,” he lied.
 The girl seemed to relax a bit.
“Now you must remain silent while I contend with yon sorcerer.  Then we shall be gone from this place.  Make no sound though or we are both dead!  I shall return soon.”
The girl nodded once more.
He slowly released his grip and the girl scuttled into the far corner of the cage and huddled there like a frightened animal.  Placing a thick finger to his lips, he rose and softly padded up the winding stairs.  
As he ascended, the light grew stronger and he paused to let his eye adjust.  Still silence enveloped the tower and he felt a faint twinge of unease.  He could see a glowing opening in the ceiling above him and debated for a moment launching himself up the stairs and bursting in howling a blood mad war-cry, hoping to startle the mage long enough to allow time for a killing stroke, but the heavy silence convinced him to continue his stealthy approach.
He climbed upward and passed through the opening into the chamber above.  He paused once more, with his eyes just at floor level to survey this new room.  It was roughly the same size as the room below, but far better furnished.  The walls were made up almost entirely of floor to ceiling shelves upon which were haphazardly stacked countless scrolls and leather bound tomes.  A large worktable, covered in strange mystical paraphernalia sat to one side, and in the center of the room was a low-backed stool, upon which sat the figure of a man in dirty threadbare robes.  The robed man's back was to Kurach and he made no movement.  To the left of the stool was a brightly burning oil lamp, its flickering flame jumped and danced, casting long shifting shadows throughout the room.  
Kurach drew his blade from his belt.  Holding his breath, he glided up the last remaining steps and into the room.  Still the man on the stool made no movement.  Kurach could feel his heart pounding in his chest.  He had slain countless men in his life.  Why should the sight of this man make his heart race?  He crossed the room at an agonizingly slow pace, expecting at every step that the Sorcerer would rise from his stool to invoke some nameless doom upon him, but nothing happened.  Upon reaching a point directly behind the stool he raised his blade and brought the hilt down with bone splintering force on the top of the Sorcerer's head.  With a sickening crunch, the Sorcerer's head lolled to the side.
Satisfied with his grisly handiwork, Kurach stepped around to the front of the chair to look upon the face of he who had been known as the Silent Sorcerer.  It was a plain, unimpressive face, neither old nor young.  They eyes were open and staring in death.
Kurach sheathed his blade and bellowed a harsh guffaw.
"Sorcerers die as easily as other men", he said to no one in particular.  
       Still, despite the seeming ordinariness of the man whose life his had just taken, there was something disquieting about the corpse.  Kurach felt a slight chill in his spine, but quickly dismissed it.  The Sorcerer was dead and whatever treasure lay within the tower were now his, as was the girl.  Kurach's mind turned slowly toward her as a savage grin broke across his features.  It had been a long night and she would prove a warm and welcome diversion.  He thought briefly about paying her a visit before he searched out the Sorcerer's wealth, but something about the tower disturbed him and he wished to be gone from it as soon as possible.  There would be time enough for the girl along the trail, when he was far from this place.  He turned to the worktable and began to rummage through the incomprehensible collection of goods for items of value.

(Next! The Conclusion...)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wild Times

My wife was traveling for work this week, and one evening she texted me to see how things were going at home.  I replied with this photo of a bunch of Batman and Robin action figures raiding the liquor supply. :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weird Adventure Wednesday

This Week's Weird Adventure Idea:

On a misty moonlit night you happen upon a shifty poet wandering on a desolate moor.  The poet spins you a yarn that 6 days travel to the north, deep in The Sinking Morass of the Metal Magicians is hidden The Disintegrating Watchtower of the Abhorrent Swordsman.  It is whispered that within the watchtower can be found The Effulgent Topaz Sphere of Salvation.  But beware, for the poet informs you that legends say The Stinking Centipede of Flaying stalks that place!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Random Table Tuesday (d100 Towers)

This week's Random Table Tuesday brings a bit of a change.  Previously I had been focusing on items, but this time I've decided to go with locations.  So this week we have a d100 Table of Towers.  Next time you're drawing a map and a tower pops up that you can't think of a name for, try one of these.  I mean, who wouldn't want to go to The Icy Tower of the Iron Toad? :-)  Honestly I don't know if anyone finds these useful, but they are fun to make and an excuse to draw something as well.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Miniatures Monday

It's miniatures Monday again, a little later in the day than usual, but while the painting was done, the photography was not.  This week we have another barbarian.  The miniature is an old lead figure that I believe was from Grenadier in the 80s.  That 80s hair is a dead giveaway!  Being old, it doesn't have a ton of detail, but I liked the running action pose, so I decided to paint it.  I'm curious about the decision to sculpt him barefoot.  His tribe seems to have access to steel weaponry but not to quality footwear.  I'm pretty happy with the results given that there wasn't much to really work with.  In retrospect though, I should have rebased him as his base is small and he is prone to toppling.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Month of Milestones: Dark Tower

It has been a month os milestones for my blog.  First, my 600th blog post.  Then, my 10,000th page view.  Now It seems that my Dark Tower board game video on youtube has hit 20,000 views.  All of these are of course modest numbers in the grand scheme of gaming blogs, but I'm still rather pleased to see people taking an interest in something that I created essentially for my own amusement.  Once more thanks to all who have, read, watched, or commented!  And for those who may still be unfamiliar with the wonders that was Milton Bradley's Dark Tower, enjoy the video, and check out this link for even more information on this wonderful game.