Monday, October 17, 2016

Wandering in Mirkwood (Photos)

Well not Mirkwood exactly, but perhaps as close as one can get in western Pennsylvania.  Something about the autumn always makes me want to walk in the woods.  Partly it's the chance to experience the fall foliage, but it also stems from my childhood love of the Hobbit.  I always feel a bit like Bilbo when I'm out walking, and the autumn always awakens within me a desire to see far-off places and to sing dwarvish songs.  So, on Saturday my wife and I packed a picnic lunch and headed up to McConnells Mill State Park to walk the trail to the falls.  It was a lovely day, and one could perhaps be forgiven for half expecting to meet some elves along the trail.

Following the stream deep into the forest
The water has carved a path deep into the rock
Sunlight on a calm pool
I think there may be a barrow wight in here...
The falls
Mysterious toadstools...
No elves yet... 
The stream disappears around a bend.
Perhaps that is where the elves are waiting?

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