Friday, December 19, 2014

Free Maps - Hero System

I haven't done a Free Map Friday in a long time, so I'm way past due.  Here is a set of maps that I did about 9 years ago for a Fantasy hero game.  It's a lost tomb and includes the overall map along with scale combat maps for use with miniatures.

The whole tomb complex

Combat Map 1: The Chasm
The chasm ledge was crumbling and there was some sort of cyborg tentacle creature down in the water that kept trying o drag the PCs to their doom.
Combat Map 2: The Flooded Hallway
There were hidden pits in the flooded hallway, mostly a nuisance, except for heavily armored PCs. :-)
Combat Map 3: The Flooded Chamber

There were skeletons under the water near the columns waiting to rise as the PCs past them.
Combat Map 4: The Antechamber of the Statue
I seem to recall that the statue was a trap...
Combat Map 5: The Crypt
And there was something nasty in that sarcophagus.

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