Saturday, February 1, 2014

My 500 Words

So yesterday finished the My 500 Words writing challenge.  I didn't actually sign up for it because I wasn't sure that I would actually complete it, but in the end I did.  I'm actually pretty proud of my self for it too.  I managed to write at least 500 words every day for the past 31 days.  I wrote the first draft of two new short stories, added some new material to an existing story, and started two other stories.  That's pretty productive for me.  The goal of the challenge was to re-establish one's habit as a writer, and I'm really hoping that I can hold onto the momentum.  Here is a small sample of this month's work:

A bitter wind moaned through the high crags, carrying with it the sharp tang of ice.  There would be snow by morning.  Here among the shattered peaks of blackened stone, the mournful tone of the wind was an eerie dirge blown to herald the death of the day and to foretell the birth of the coming night.

Yep, I'm writing crap, but at least I'm writing. :-)  Now on to some editing!
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