Monday, February 24, 2014

Miniature Reclamation

Here is a little reclamation project that I worked on over the weekend.  I started painting a long time ago (30+ years) when I was in junior high, and back then I wasn't very good.  Not that I'm claiming to be very good now, I was just much worse back then.  When I got back into painting bout twelve years ago, I had a lot of things to relearn, and painting skin was one of those things, so I practiced.  I practiced a lot.  The results ranged from bad to so-so.  Many of my early washed were to dark, and some of my priming jobs were bad as well, and these factors lead to some fairly disappointing paint jobs, but I kept practicing and got a bit better, and these days, I'm OK with most of my paint jobs.  Those earlier disappointing paint jobs however are still out there. I've thought about stripping them down and starting again, but that seems a bit extreme, so I decided to try to save a few, by repainting the worst parts and keeping the not-so-bad parts.  Here is my first example.  
The original miniature as painted several years ago

The same miniature after repainting his skin and parts of his sword.

Just another angle of the reclaimed miniature
Overall, I think it's an improvement and now at least I have a miniature that I might use at the gaming table.  How does anyone else deal with disappointing paint jobs?  Do you start over, or do you try to fix what you've already done?  Just curious.
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