Sunday, June 24, 2012

The (Ultima)te Adventure

I was feeling nostalgic today, so I hopped in the Wayback machine, set the controls for 1981 and went back to playing Ultima I.

I found myself in the magical land of Sosaria...

That castle sure looked promising, so I went to see the King.

Sadly, the castle was a bit underwhelming.  Maybe he was King of the Hobos?  The King gave me a rather vague quest, and I headed to town to equip myself.

The town was a little better than the castle, but that wasn't saying much.  I decided to head off into the wilderness in search of a different town.

Along the way, I saw a giant squid.

Though beset by adversaries, I reached another town.

It wasn't much better.

So I figured I would try searching dungeons for treasure.

It was very dark.

There were skeletons...

...and Luchadores in dresses.

All in all it was a very enjoyable afternoon!  :-)
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