Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thrud the Barbarian: Step by Step - Assembly and basing

Since every warrior needs good footing, and because most of the experts tell us that the keys to good miniatures are faces and bases, today we will focus on mounting Thrud on his base.

Step one is to cut a hole in the base and fit the miniature in to determine appropriate positioning.
Thrud trying out his new base

Step two is applying epoxy to the base so that Thrud actually sticks to it!

Thrud epoxied

Third, we coat the still wet epoxy with basing material.  In this case I'm going for a desert look, and to the I'm using tiny gravel to bury Thrud.  No doubt, he'll face far worse dangers in his adventures in the  future.

Thrud in gravel

Finally, after the glue has set, we brush away the excess gravel and are left with Thrud happily installed on his new base!

Thrud suitably based for painting

Next we shall focus on priming and adding the first coats of paint.
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