Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weird Adventure Wednesday

This week's weird adventure idea:

On a raw night you are accosted by a chatty cutthroat in a forest clearing.  The cutthroat tells you a rumor that 9 days hike to the northeast, deep within The Ice Swamp of Visions is hidden The Flooded Crypt of the Phantasmal Fish.  Legends hold that there is hidden The Irregular Spidersilk Hairpiece of Dread Voices.  But beware, for the cutthroat warns you that The Pustular Brain Insect of The Unholy stands guard there!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Miniatures Monday

Deep In a forbidding dungeon, this scaly horror coils itself around the remnants of a shattered obelisk and prepares to strike!  This is another on of those miniatures that I started painting well over a year ago and then let fall by the wayside.  I wasn't sure whether to go with a desert color or with stripes, so in the end I just went with greenish scales.  Nothing earth shattering, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result.  The miniature is from Reaper Miniatures and was sculpted by Julie Guthrie.  It's 03676: Giant Snake, and you can get your own from reaper for $9.99.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

R.I.P. Kenny Baker

Kenny Baker, known to many as the fellow inside of R2 D2 in the star wars films has died at the age of 81.  However, I don't think of him as R2 D2 as much as I think of him as Fidgit from Time Bandits (front row: Second from left).  I remember my parents taking me to see that film in the theater in 1981, and it's still a favorite of mine.  With him gone, only two of the bandits remain, Malcolm Dixon, who played Strutter (second row: left) and Mike Edmonds, who played Og (front row: left)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Savage Worlds Pulp Era Firearms

So I've fallen a bit behind on Random Table Tuesday, but I came across a pulp era firearms table for Savage Worlds that I started a number of years ago.  I still haven't put strength minimums or pulp era prices in yet, but I think it gives a nice variety of weapons from the early 20th century.  Hopefully I'll find the time to finish it soon.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Scheider Man

Scheider Man
Roy Scheider Man
Does whatever
Roy Scheider can
Kills a shark
With a gun
Flies Blue Thunder
Just for fun
Look out
Here comes the Scheider Man!

...Yeah, so lyrics aren't my strong suit.

Miniatures Monday

Last week we had a simple well which made for some nice dungeon dressing.  As I said then though, rarely are dungeon wells just sources of water, and of course this one is no different.  Here we have the water weird that lurks beneath the cool and refreshing waters of that seemingly innocuous well.  I drilled holes in the the well and the creature and then pinned the creature with a short piece of paperclip so that I can remove it at will.  I'm pretty pleased with the result.  For those interested in getting one of their own, this miniature can be purchased from from Reaper Miniatures for $9.99 and is number 03768: Water Weird.  Reaper also sells a translucent blue plastic version for $2.79, but it doesn't come apart.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gen Con

For the 46th year in a row, I'm missing Gen Con.  Quite the record I've got going. :-(

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Hound of the Baskervilles

For anyone who is in Pittsburgh between now and Sunday 7 August, Kinetic Theater Company is doing a hysterical spoof of Arthur Conan Doyle's: The Hound of the Baskervilles, starring David Whalen as Sherlock Holmes.  We saw it on Saturday and it was a fantastic show.  As always, David Whalen does a marvelous job as Holmes.  James FitzGerlad as Doctor John Watson and Connor McCanlus as Sir Henry Baskerville also turn in splendid performances.  The show runs through this Sunday at the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater downtown.

Miniatures Monday

All's well in the dungeon? 
Sometimes I like to take a break from painting sentient creatures to paint dungeon scenery.  Here we have an innocuous looking well.  Good for a cool drink perhaps?  Honestly, how many times have wells found in caves or dungeons been just boring old drinking wells? ;-)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Game of Streets

First Ned Stark, now Bob From Sesame Street?
HBO, seems to have turned its lust for blood on the beloved children's show Sesame Street.  The cable network that brings us the Favorite Character Death Hour otherwise known as Game of Thrones has decided to rid themselves of three of the longest serving members of the Sesame Street cast.  Bob, Gordon and Luis have been fired from the show.  I'm appalled by this.  Supposedly, they felt that they needed to make cast changes to better connect with more tech savvy kids in the 21st century or some crap like that.  Thank a hell of a lot HBO.  I guess Big Bird had better watch his back... :-(

PS: Get off of my lawn.

Batman: The Killing Joke (Spoiler Free)

So, if you are a fan of Batman, you're probably aware that DC released an animated film version of the classic Alan Moore and Brian Bolland 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke.  I watched the film last night and wanted to provide some spoiler-free thoughts on it.  There are a lot of ways that this could have gone wrong.  The original story was short, so it was necessary to add filler to pad out the run time.  Thankfully, the filler was added entirely at the beginning, leaving Moore's original story intact, although the content from the graphic novel doesn't start until 31 minutes into the film.  The first 31 minutes is spent establishing character relationships and following its own semi-self-contained story, which is going to be pretty controversial in its own right.  After that though things go back to Alan Moore's original story for the rest of the ride.  Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Tara Strong reprise their popular roles as Batman, the Joker, and Batgirl.  Conroy and Hamill having been playing these parts since the days of Batman the Animated Series, and Hamill is spot on as the Joker.  Conroy sounded a bit different to me though.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but perhaps Conroy had a cold while they were recording.  He still sounded decent but a bit off.  The animators did a good job of staying faithful to Brian Bolland's original artwork although it's not nearly as detailed, and they chose to go with the darker color pallet that DC has used in newer printings of the graphic novel.  I'm a fan of Bolland's original more vivid colors, but that's a matter of taste, and the darker pallet matches better with the Animated Series and with DC's other recent films.  Overall I enjoyed the film.  I didn't need the first 31 minutes, but I didn't hate them either.  If you're a Batman fan, I recommend watching it, but do yourself a favor and read the graphic novel first.  It's a quick read and well worth the time.  Also, be aware that this film is rated R, so you may want to think twice before watching it with younger kids.  The film was released in digital format on July 26th and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 2nd.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Weird Adventure Wednesday

This Week's Weird Adventure Idea:

On a rainy afternoon you cross paths with a churlish barbarian mercenary in a smoky gambling den.  The mercenary grudgingly spins you a yarn that 3 weeks walk to the northeast, across The Unfathomable Wastelands of Woe stands The Pulsating Monolith of Mind Warping.  Scholars believe that hidden in the chambers beneath the monolith can be found The Obsidian Insanity Harp of the Horrid Minstrel.  But beware, for the mercenary warns you that The Gruesome Tentacles of Brain Liquefaction are said to dwell in that dreadful place!