Sunday, January 25, 2015

A quick Preview of something that I'm working on

1,001 More Weird and Wacky Adventure Ideas, coming soon.
The new version will have more text variation and will include adversaries to challenge even the boldest of adventurers.  Here are some examples of the adventures to be had:

XX. On a raw afternoon you cross paths with a boil covered jongleur at a festival.  The jongleur tells you a tale that 7 days travel to the north, through the Shattered Scrublands, is found the Scorching Graveyard.  It is rumored that there can be found the Fateful Magma Club of the Curate.  But beware, for the jongleur warns you that it is believed the Implacable Fortuneteller of Iron stands guard there!

XX. On a gusty night you happen upon a swarthy student in a lonely inn.  The student recites a tale to you that 2 weeks travel to the southwest, near the Pernicious Plateau of Defilement, stands the Silvered Manse of Disgust.  It is reputed that there lay the Cruel Platinum Tongs of the Wino.  But beware, for the student warns you that it is alleged the Malefic Slime Beast of Abuse makes its abode there!

XX. On a bone chilling day you are hailed by a glum drunk near an ancient shrine.  The drunk recites a tale to you that 3 weeks ride to the south, in the Secret Rift of the Ice Gods, is found the Jagged Burial Mound of the Degenerate Priest.  It is said that hidden there is the Blessed Meteoric Iron Scabbard of the Shaman.  But beware, for the drunk warns you that it is thought the Shameful Ancient Artist of Vivisection dismembers all who come near!

So, keep an eye out in the near future!
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